Weight Loss Preparation in 30 days for Wedding

Wedding is a very important event for all future married couples to be. You can look good on your big day with a good and effective weight loss programme.

Here’s some tips that we gathered in having a weight loss preparation.

1) We have to be consistent in our workout/diet

Many people tend to follow a strict workout regime or diet but did not have the motivation to follow it through for 30 days.


2) Tabata Workout

Many have known that a short burst of workout(4mins) is more effective than a long continuous jogging workout.

Tabata is an exercise consisting of short workout with high intensity to effectively burn calories throughout the day.

You can google more information of tabata workout. =D

Exercise has to be consistent and you need to aim at the right muscle groups to gain maximum effects.


3) No Supper

Many always eat supper after 10pm when our hungry stomach came calling.

However, when we are sleeping with a full stomach, we are resting with minimum energy usage. Therefore, all the food will transform into fats instead.


4) Fish Oil

Yes, Fish Oil is always a source of vitamin to many. However, many do not know that with combination of Fish Oil and exercise, it shows a greater loss of weight than those who take fish oil but do not exercise and vice versa.

Fish oil helps you lose weight by helping you burn fats though reducing insulin levels.

Omega 3s also promote burning fat (and therefore weight loss) by increasing levels of the hormone leptin. Leptin decreases appetite and aids in the burning of fat.


5) Eat Green

We can plan having alternate all green day on a weekly basis. Eating green vegetables and avoiding fried foods might help to keep a healthy body. Not only that, we are able to reduce the amount of fats intake from the crispy food. It goes hand in hand with good exercise to have a maximum effect.


6) Sleep Early

Many have wondered why do we need to sleep early? Studies have shown that 11pm-2am is the period for body to rest and get you going for a new day ahead. With a good rest, one body can function well and perform better.


7) Get a Buddy

Going through a strict diet and workout can be tough when you are alone. Get your best friend to workout with you. With your buddy around, you can motivate one another effectively =)


8) Be positive

Tell yourself that you will have an awesome day ahead when you wake up each day! Being positive shapes the whole day to be well synced and ready for you.


We hope that these few tips will help the lovely friends out there in making good preparation for their big day! =D


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