Top 5 Tips for a DIY Manicure


Often at times, we have to prepare our nails for our big day like, Wedding, a Gala Dinner or an interview session. We need to maintain our nails to be healthy and vibrant.

Here’s the Top 5 Tips for a DIY MANICURE:

  1. Remove old nail polish without killing your nostrils, nails, and skin. Look for a chemical-free remover made for sensitive skin.
  2. After scrubbing nails, push back cuticles with a warm damp washcloth. This is gentler than a wooden orange stick and will prevent hangnails. If your cuticles are hardened or overgrown, soak nails in a bowl of warm whole milk. The lactic acid will help remove dead skin cells and soften cuticles while the fats replenish dry skin.
  3. File and shape. Play up a short and simple nail shape by slightly rounding the corners, making nails appear a touch longer. Clipping can be just as precise as filing.
  4. Don’t forget a clear basecoat; it will ensure a chip-free, long-lasting manicure straight through your honeymoon or wedding day. Don’t forget a thin swipe over the tips to seal the edges! We recommend using the same basecoat as brand of polish.
  5. Paint two costs of polish for even coverage, allowing three to five minutes for each coat to dry before applying the next. Then apply a clear topcoat, which will seal your color and add high shine.

Did you know…

“If your nails are yellow from previous polish, scrub them with whitening toothpaste and an old toothbrush. Add a little peroxide and baking soda to the mix for deep stains and to make tips extra white.”

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