Hidden Secrets on Wedding Gown Selection

Whatever your personal style, there’s a perfect wedding gown out there waiting for you! 

A word of advice before you start shopping! Don’t limit your style options.

“I wouldn’t have imagined that this style would be right for me. I’m so glad you persuaded me to try it on.”

Here’s are some very important tips that will help you to get the best gown that you could possibly could.  

Don’t take a group gown shopping with you

Shop with one person, someone whose taste you trust. That will save you dealing with the opinions and ideas of a whole peanut gallery. An experienced salesperson will size up your body type and take into account the size and site of your wedding, as well as your budget.

Invite your mother to shop with for your wedding gown

Your mother, infact may be the best person to accompany you as you search for a wedding gown. Mother have no agenda beyond waiting their daughters to be lovely on their wedding day – you’ll get the best advice from her

Start gown shopping early

Start shopping for your gown at least nine months before the wedding because it may take five to seven months to get delivery. I advise giving your boutique an early delivery date to allow for possible delays, as well as alterations.

Boutiques are a reliable place to shop for your gown 

Your best bet is to visit a well-established retailer that specializes in bridal fashion. They carry a variety of lines and provide customized service, limiting the possibilities of disappointment.

Stay offline when it comes to wedding gown shopping

Be careful about shopping online for gowns, especially those made in East Asia. Established designers warn that their gowns are being copied – even their names are used-in interior fabric and with shoddy workmanship. You will run the risk of getting the wrong gown and/or late delivery.

Schedule Fittings

If you are a plus size, do inform the retailers if they carry a sample dress with the right sizes. You don’t want to look at the size six and imagine it on your body! Measurements matter more than size. 

Ask about the store’s refund policy

Make sure you know what the policy is if the manufacturer can’t deliver your dress on time. If you have invested in a wedding insurance policy, consider protection for your dress. It will cover the safe delivery of your dress and also protect you against something unforeseen. 

Bettiequette: Never buy or order a gown a size smaller because you plan to lose weight. It is possible to have a gown made smaller, but almost impossible to make it larger.  

Here’s some Dressing Style that you can choose from:


Ballroom: The full skirt disguises the hips and puts the emphasis on the bodice, making it ideal for women with larger hips.

Sheath: This style has a simple, narrow line that works well for the slim woman with small breasts.


Empire: This shape is similar to the sheath, but the bodice line is just under the breast.

Mermaid: This style is popular and needs a great body. It hugs the figure and then flares from below the knee.


Above Picture for illustration only

A-line: This shape has a gently flared skirt that flatters most body types.


Drop waist: The flare on this style starts even higher than the fit-and-flare, at the hip bone.

Fit-and-flare: A newer style, the shape of this dress has a fitted bodice, with a skirt that flares from the hip.

Remember, choose the style that should be figure flattering. Don’t copy the style of your favorite celebrity. 

Be inspired, but zero in on what’s best for your specific body type! 

All the best!

Credits – Bettie Bradley – The Wedding Expert 


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