5 Interesting Gifts – Valentines Day

As Valentines Day is approaching, buying Gifts and planning for surprises has always been challenging. We have gathered 5 interesting Gifts for the wedding couple during Valentines Day! 

1) Wedding Explosive Box 


A DIY Explosive Box can mean alot more then buying an item from a shopping mall.

All you need is,

1) Paper / Card

2) Design accessories

3) Glue

4) Ruler & scissors 

5) Ribbon




2)  DIY Love Letter

Writting a love letter is a good way to express your love towards each other in a very intimidate way. You can read out the letter in a romantic location to enhance the mood too.




3) DIY Cooking

If you have not cook before, it’s time to do it! 

It's extremely romantic for wedding couples to receive their home made food as it expresses their love and sincerity towards you. The time and effort in making the dish will certainly add extra points to the lovely wedding couple =)  



4) DIY a Song 

If you are an avid singer, it’s time to showcase your talent! 

Try to come out with a 30 second song to impress your loved ones.

Writing a Song or a poem can be challenging but when your loved ones listen to it, it will definitely score alot of points.

Learn the traits from Jay Chou!


怎麼了 – What’s Wrong

我還想聽你 叫我寶貝
怕你身邊 多了個誰
失眠的夜 獨自面對
花少了蝶 樹枯了葉

還想聽你 叫我寶貝
痛快心碎 或許乾脆
兩人世界 漫天的風雪
我愛過 的誰

5)  DIY Video Montage

If you have time and the skills to edit videos, it’s time to do it! Creating a video and coming up with interesting ideas can be very funny and witty at times. However it’s this special moments that matters. 

Try compling all the photos that you have took and make a photo montage. It will not only serve as a memory but also a sweet moment to look back. 


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