7 Signs your Wedding Bridal Studio is Closing Down

Wedding Cheap Packages are cheap for a reason. The wedding studio could be using poor-quality materials and providing sub-standard services. You also risk it not being able to fulfil all promises made to you.

1) Wedding Bridal Studio keeps postponing appointments


Well, if the wedding studio that you have engaged have been postponing (say, more then three times or even more) or your meetup, it could be trying to avoid certain customers or business acquaintances because of money issues, is unable to complete your dress on time. 

What to do?

Don’t wait till round three. Head to the salon after the second postpone of your wedding dress appointment. If all you get are invalid reasons, take back your deposit and start shopping for other reliable vendor. 

2) Wedding Bridal Studio not taking your calls



This is probably the most obvious signs that something is wrong. No Bridal studio would avoid calls – unless you are incessantly texting and making unnecessary calls. Even if so, they will still have to send a text message back to address the issue. When dealing with such issues, it’s about being polite and calm. 

What to do?

Get your deposit back and find another vendor.

3) Wedding Bridal Studio keeps changing details you have confirmed



If the Wedding Studio keeps switching photographer, make up artists or even your chosen wedding gown, it could be that the gown is spoilt, or some internal situation arises. There should be no reason why you have to accept anything different from what was agreed upon previously.

What to do?

You can request for an upgrade of your dress or other services. If not, insist on the contract signed. However, exceptions do occurs if situation like (Makeup artist is hospitalised or some big situation arises).

4) Wedding Bridal Studio insists on full payment upfront


This can be very tricky when it comes to payment. You should really make just a deposit and then pay the balance when the services is delivered.

What to do?

Never ever pay full amount upfront. It’s too risky for you to do that. Only bridal shop with cash flow problem will persuade you to do that.  

5) Wedding Bridal Studio hasn’t been open in awhile


We need to know whether are they on a holiday or a vacation trip when they are closed for the week. Be alert and check the frequency activity of the Bridal Studio upon confirming.

What to do?

After you have signed the package, you can pop by during the peak season to check things out. If it’s been closed without any reason, then something must have gone wrong. Head down to refund your deposit and find another Wedding Studio.

6) Check the reviews of the Wedding Bridal Studio


Try to ask your friends that have used the Bridal Studio before for reviews on their manpower, their craftmanship, their ability to handle tight schedule before signing the package upfront.

What to do?

Even if you are in a Bridal Event, and you have to sign the package on the spot, do a quick online check on the company before stepping into the contract signing.

7) Wedding Bridal Studio offering packages that are ridiculously cheap


If the package is more then half the price of many other vendors out there, you might have to think twice. The risk of agreeing to such packages would be a risk of workmanship, ability to produce and the standard of the goods delivered. 

What to do?

If the prices are really a steal, find out more on their ability, their wedding gown quality and their working style. If not, find someone more reliable and trustworthy for your big day.

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Article inspired by Her World Brides