The A to F of Exotic Wedding Honeymoon Destinations

Ever wondered where to go after our Wedding Day in the hot humid climate of Singapore? Here’s a lists of places to go for your honeymoon!

A is for Aruba

If you ever come across Aruba, it’s because of the popular drama show ‘Beach Boys’.

Apart from the usual beach activities, this Carribbean island also offers plenty of attractions like, Guadirkiri Caves and Arikok National Park for us to enjoy!

aruba-carribbean island aruba-carribbean island2 aruba-carribbean island3 aruba-carribbean island4

B is for Bhutan

Bhutan is known for it’s lovely remote and pristine beauty. As it is one of those fabled places that you would love to visit in your lifetime. With a stay in the Amankora, you are able to catch a glimpse of the lovely valleys and lodges that spread across Bhutan in 7,000 metre high.

amankora amankora2 amankora3

C is for Christmas Island

Locating in the territory of Australia in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island is a lovely culture melting point. It’s clean and contemporary facilities are well integrated with the surrounding natural beauty. Its definitely calm, and peaceful over there.

There’s a rainforest walk for us to venture upon and explore the best scuba diving experiences too.

christmasisland christmasisland2 christmasisland3


D is for Denver, Colorado

Denver Colorado is definitely a lovely place to be in during Valentine’s Day. Staying in the Oxford hotel or Brown Palace Hotel, it will pamper you with amazing champagne and lovely scenery.

denver colorado denver colorado2


E is for Egypt

Egypt is a place filled with Pyramids and Nile Delta. However, the best experience for couple would be to stay in the La Residence Des Cascades. It’s located at the highest point of Soma Bay Peninsula, offering you some of the best scenery of the Red Sea.

La-Residence-des-Cascades-1_big La-Residence-des-Cascades-2 La-Residence-des-Cascades-3


F is for Fiji

If you like crystal clear water and having good privacy with your loved ones, this is the place! Vomo Lailai is a private island in the west of Vomo. It’s one of the best honeymoon places for couples who crave for some alone time after the busy hustle of the wedding.
Sunset over Vomo Lailai island, Fiji fiji vomo lailai2 fiji vomo lailai3



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