Dealing with Comfort Zone

As we enters the next stage of our life, many of the wedding couples will have to deal with a new environment ahead.

Dealing with our comfort zone can be tough.

We all have a comfort zone where we feel safe and warm. But every now and then we need to step outside and be challenged, be frightened, be stimulated. It’s this way that we stay young and feel good about ourselves.

If we grow too attached to our comfort zone, chances are it will either start to shrink, or something will come along and dismantle it. If we practiced stretching the boundaries of our woolly cocoon occasionally, that kick won’t have too much impact – we’re ready for it – it’s much easier to cope.

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Expanding your comfort zone makes  you feel good about yourself. It gives you extra confidence. And the best bit is that you can do it oh so gently. We impose a lot of restrictions on ourselves that limit us, hold us back. We think we couldn’t do that, wouldn’t feel happy with that. Taking the challenge of expanding our comfort zone brings us out of ourselves and keeps us learning and growing. You can’t grow mould if you are growing experience.

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So next time when you think about being resting and not pushing enough in your efforts towards changes, think twice!

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