Beauty Skin Secrets for Wedding Day

Skin “If your skin looks great, you can get away with a lot!” says Erin
Flaherty, Marie Claire health and beauty director. If yours leaves a
bit to be desired (tired, gray, dried out, pimply, or blotchy), start
preparing early, because there’s a lot that can be done. Acne and spots
can be blitzed, old scars and sun damage lasered away, wrinkles
replumped or Botoxed, your whole face firmed up, and, with a diet and
exercise overhaul, you can look dramatically better from the inside out. 


Skin Tips: Straight from the experts

THE DERMATOLOGIST: “Use a serum or lotion containing retinol every night – get an inexpensive one in the drugstore. Buy one containing hyaluronic acid so it doesn’t dry your skin out.”
Dr. Deborah Jaliman, author of Skin Rules

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THE NUTRITIONIST: Avoid Alcohol, cigarettes, and caffeine. “Stimulants like alcohol increase puffiness. They also interfere with sleep, lack of which is one of the main causes of puffy, bloodshot eyes and black circles. Avoid caffeine the whole day before your wedding.” Amanda Griggs, nutritionist

THE BEAUTY EDITOR: “Wear sunscreen every day. If you don’t it doesn’t matter what you do to treat sun damage. it’ll just keep coming back.” Erin Flaherty, Marie Claire Health and beauty director

WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS THAT REALLY WORK? A face cream can’t turn back time, but there are ingredients proven to help improve the look of your skin. Look for these key ingredients, says Dr. Debra Jaliman:

  • Moisturizers: Hyaluronic acid
  • Cleanser: Ceramides and glycerin for mildness
  • Wrinkles and antiaging: Peptides and vitamin C

HOW LONG DO YOU HAVE UNTIL YOUR WEDDING? Here’s what the experts advise for wedding brides on these time frames:

1 month: “You could have a facial and cream. Do them two weeks before the wedding in case there’s any allergy or you need to touch up the areas. – Dr. Debra Jaliman

6 months: “Have a Clear and Brilliant laser and continue with facial and skin cream. – Erin Flaherty

12 months: “If you’ve got more than a year to go before your wedding, use topical antioxidants, sunscreen, and exfoliate regularly – either using a gentle srub or retinoid cream.” – Erin Flaherty

Did you know:

“If you wake up on the day of your wedding with puffy skin, drink a glass of hot water and lemon as soon as you get up.” says Amanda Griggs

“The number one beauty myth is that anti aging creams can erase wrinkle. They can’t!” – Erin Flaherty

“If you smoke, you know it’s doing a number on your skin. Can anything help brighten up smoker’s complexion? “Vitamin C serum makes dull skin glow instantly.” – Erin Flaherty

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