5 Most Unforgettable Moments in the Wedding Day

Ever wondered which moments in our Wedding Day is the most important? Are we able to prepare ourselves for the big day ahead?

Let’s take a quick look at the 5 most unforgettable moments that probably you might not even noticed!

  1.  The moment that the groom unveil the bride
    • Most of us dream of our prince charming that came to receive the princess, this is exactly how most of the bride felt when their prince charming came knocking on the door.
    • “For me it’s cause it was a day that we didn’t see each other, the anticipation builds up and looking forward to see him in his handsome suit” – Angeline
    • “Happy to know that he actually survived the gatecrash lol” – Jia Min
    • “Having to see my beautiful bride after years of being together. She was beautiful in a gown just as I expected” – Alvin

      Unveiling of the wedding bride in Singapore
    • Tip: Time to relax and be at present moment to enjoy the unveiling instead of worrying about anything else that matters.
  2.  Games
    • Yes, this is the moment that most Brothers and Groom would go through the adventurous games
    • “The stages to go through with your brothers is memorable. After all the stages, you feel that you win over the bride and bride’s family heart.” – Wee Loong
      Going through the wedding games session

      Tip: Bride’s sister can prepare games that are funny and also games or quiz that has a meaning between the wedding couple.

  3. Marching down the aisle
    • Marching into a crowd full of relatives and friends, you are the superstar of the night!
    • “When my dad handed my hand to my husband and told him that he’s now passing on the responsibility of taking care of, supporting and loving me.” – Angelina
    • “Walking down the aisle, watching my family and friends blessing is really a joyous occasion to be remembered.” – Yanling

      Walking down the wedding aisle

      Tip: Do take note that, during march in, you have to smile constantly and look up to your family and friends for a good photograph after the event!:)

  4.  Taking Vows
    • Taking vows is the most important moment for most of our dear wedding couples.
    • “Self created vows and listening it for the first time is really very sweet and heartwarming” – Jia Min
    • “It has to be meaningful and personal, not those standard scripts. It spells out the relationship between the couple and commitments that may be unique for everyone.” – Mango
      Wedding Vows

      Tip: Do prepare your own personalized speech instead of taking templates from somewhere as this is your vow for your lovely husband/wife, take it seriously and it will definitely be a very heartwarming and sincere vows at the end of the day. 🙂

  5. Tea Ceremony
    • Tea Ceremony has always be a custom that brings fro our Chinese tradition on ‘Respect’ It’s an occasion to give thanks and gratitude to our parents and receive their blessings in return.
    • “It’s always a little emotional when my parents cried during the tea ceremony.” – Hui Lin
    • “It was heartwarming to hear heartfelt congratulations and receive love and blessings from loved ones. There were definitely teary moments in between the tea ceremony.” – Jia Min

      Wedding Tea Ceremony Singapore
    • Tip: Do remember all the names of your cousins and distance relatives. You might not know who will appear at the last minute for the tea ceremony. =P

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